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Ivan Vukosavljević is a composer and musician based in The Hague. He was born in 1986 in Serbia and moved to the Netherlands in 2014. 

Ranging from solo to large ensemble works, his music often explores hidden potential of instruments using amplification, amplified instruments, unorthodox playing techniques, improvisation, combining western and non-western instruments, electric guitars, electronics, etc.

"A composer who really understands the physicality of sound, sculpting powerful, unnerving structures out of an economy of means. His work balances the big picture and inner detail very convincingly. He shapes colour with great attention, working towards ever more dense but refined sonic combinations. His beautifully conceived works reveal shimmering details and captivating harmonic processes underneath a monolithic surface." (Gaudeamus 2017).

In 2015 his work 'Trills, Spills & Bellyaches' for solo electric guitar was nominated for the Tera de Marez Oyens prize(NL) and performed during Gaudeamus Muziekweek(NL). In the following year his work 'The Atlas Slave', written for Ensemble Klang in 2016 was nominated for the Gaudeamus award. His collaboration with Gaudeamus went on to produce several works,  including: 'Ghost in the piano' for electric guitar/piano hybrid instrument, 'Still Life' for large ensemble co-commissioned with Orkest de Ereprijs(NL) and 'The Burning' for 5 prepared/tabletop/ebow guitars + amplified ensemble, co-commissioned with Ensemble Klang(NL), released on EnsembleKlang Records in 2023. In March 2022 he won the Amsterdam Marimba Weekend composition prize for the work 'The Ladder'; ''With very modest means and even simple instrumental parts, the composer builds up a maximum musical effect... A very fascinating sound is the result.'' (AMW 2022). He also worked with Slagwerk Den Haag(NL), Listenpony(UK), LP Duo(SRB), Ensemble Metamorphosis(SRB) and others.

His music could be seen at Rewire festival (NL), LeGuessWho? (NL), Music in PyeongChang (KR), Mise-En Festival (USA), International Review of Composers (SRB), Zeitgeist (USA), Lucerne Festival (CH), and many other festivals and concert venues.

He studied composition at the University of Arts (Faculty of Music) in Belgrade and at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

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