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Slow Roads released on 21st September on Elsewhere Music

'Slow Roads' is an album of eight pieces written by Hague-based Serbian composer Ivan Vukosavljević between 2019 and 2022, for solo 1/4 comma meantone organ. All eight pieces were recorded in 2022 on five different historic organs, dating from the early 16th to mid-17th centuries, located in medieval churches scattered throughout the countryside of the northern Netherlands. The organists are: Tineke Steenbrink, Francesca Ajossa, Jan Hage and Lise Morrison. 6-panel wallet with one disc. Cover painting by Henk Helmantel.


1. The Ladder

2. When You Are Able To Become The Patterns Of The Earth

3. Triptych

4. Ramum Olivae

5. Porete

6. Echo (after Sweelinck)

7. The Ladder II

8. Psalm


compositions by Ivan Vukosavljević

performed by Tineke Steenbrink (2, 5, 6, 7, 8), Francesca Ajossa (4), Jan Hage (3) and Lise Morrison (1)

recorded by Daniël van Horssen in Krewerd (I), Zeerijp (II, VII, VIII), Oosthuizen (III), Midwolde (IV), and Kantens (V, VI) in The Netherlands in 2022

mixed by Ivan Vukosavljević

mastered by Taku Unami

cover painting by Henk Helmantel (De oostkant van het poortgebouw van kasteel Ammersoyen) with kind permission by Museum Helmantel photographed by Art Revisited

photography for the inside panels by Flora Reznik

CD designed and produced by Yuko Zama

produced by Ivan Vukosavljević

special thanks for their financial support: Dutch Composers Now, Investeringsfonds Muziek, Fonds Podiumkunsten


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