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Slow Roads

Slow Roads is an 8 track album for solo 1/4 meantone organ. All of the pieces were composed between 2019 and 2022 and recorded throughout 2022 on five historic organs coming from the early 16th century to mid 17th century, located in medieval churches scattered around the countryside of the northern Netherlands. Each piece is adapted to a specific organ, as they vary significantly in their disposition. Three of the five organs consist of only a single manual and no pedal. 
The pieces explore the moods and peculiarities of the meantone temperament and are partly relying on the sentiments of late medieval and renaissance keyboard music and are written in unmeasured notation, not unlike some of the music coming from that same period.

Five pieces were performed by Tineke Steenbrink, who is a leader of the Dutch early music ensemble Holland Baroque. Francesca Ajossa, Jan Hage and Lise Morrison performed one piece each. 

In collaboration with the visual artist Flora Reznik, five of the pieces were made into short performance films. These five videos contain the five core pieces of the album, and each video explores the specific visual and architectural aspect of the churches in which the organs are located. Most of these are medieval churches, of which the oldest one in Midwolde comes from the 12th century. 
The videos don't focus solely on the performance, but the performance itself becomes part of the space. 

The Ladder

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When you are able to become the patterns of the earth



Ramum Olivae


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