5 prepared/tabletop/ebow electric guitars

Soprano/Baritone Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone/Tubax


Electric guitar (standard playing)


2 keyboards

The Burning is a 45 minute piece specifically writen for Ensemble Klang. The piece moves the musicians between the guitars setup and their own instruments, leaving them to explore directly the sound environment created by the preparation and also to interact with it separately as an ensemble. 

Symbolism of the burning is multiple but singular, it is both destructive and transformative, it is both a metaphor for continuation and an ending.

It is the echo of (the burning) past and burning of the past.

 - Pre-premiere on 5th October, 2019 at Orgelpark in Amsterdam

 - Premiere on 9th November, 2019 at LeGuessWho? festival in Utrecht

 - 20th December, 2019 at Musical Utopias in Den Haag


Full live performance from Orgelpark Amsterdam, Oct 2019


Full bootleg performance from LeGuessWho?, Nov 2019